A.S.E. Global Bridges and Bolshoi Ballet Academy
Virtual Pedagogy Master Class:

Movements en tournant & tour lent en dehors/en dedans
for female dancers ages 14-15


In continuing ASE's commitment to Bridges to Shared Future Through Dance on April 10, 2023, A.S.E. Global Bridges together with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy organized an online master class which was conducted by one of the Academy's Master Teachers, Ms. Natalya Revich.


Ms. Revich gave a theoretical overview and practical demonstrations with Academy students on teaching Movements En Tournant en dehors/en dedans and Tour lent en dehors/en dedans in large poses for female dancers ages 14-15. Over a hundred teachers from ballet education institutions across the world attended the master class


In addition to being one of the most respected BBA teachers, Ms. Revich is a longtime Teacher in BBASI CT and Teacher Certification Program in NYC.



From February 16 through 19, 2023, Moscow hosted the 9th Annual DANCE MOSCOW Contest. The Contest lasted for three days and targeted more than 180 participants aged 8 to 25, as well as more than 50 dance teams. Both Professional and Supplementary divisions included the solo, duet and ensemble nominations for the classical, folk and modern categories.

Hector Moore (III course trainee from the UK)
Sakiho Kobayashi (III course student from Japan)

Foreign students and interns of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy took part in the contest, presenting variations form the Esmeralda, Le Talisman, the Flames of Paris, Sleeping Beauty, Corsaire, Don Quijote, El Sombrero de Tres Picos, as well as First Mazurka and Dancing Girl numbers (folk category).

The DANCE MOSCOW 2023 winners include Ami Kato (1st Grade Diploma, 16-25 y.o., classical category), Sakiho Kobayashi (2nd Grade Diploma, 16-25 y.o., classical category, and 3rd Grade Diploma, solo, 16-26 y.o., folk category), Hollyn Henderson (3rd Grade Diploma, solo, 16-25 y.o., classical category), Hector Moore (3rd Grade Diploma, solo, 16-25 y.o., classical category), Nicole Carrara (3rd Grade Diploma, solo, 16-25 y.o., folk category).
Hollyn Henderson (II course student from the USA and her classical dance teacher Irina M. Pyatkina)
Ami Kato (II course student from Japan)

“That was my first-ever ballet contest. I was nervous, because dancing before Ms. Leonova, Principal of the BBA, the panel of judges and the audience is indeed a very hard task. But I am quite happy about my result”, said Nicole Carrara, 3rd Grade Diploma winner after the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to the winners! We wish you further triumphs!


Translation: Dmitry Linyaev.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy Foundation Anniversary

Intensive Training Courses in Kemerovo, Vladivostok and Kaliningrad

In January and February 2023, the Academy conducted Intensive Training Courses in the cities of Kemerovo (January 10—15), Vladivostok (January 18—23) and Kaliningrad (February 7—11), as parts of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy – 250 Festival.
Sergey E. Tsivilev, Governor of the Kemerovo oblast, and Marina K. Leonova

Elena N. Bronnikova, Deputy Head of the Primorsky Krai Government – Minister of Culture and Archiving, and Marina K. Leonova

Anton A. Alikhanov, Governor of the Kaliningrad Oblast, and Marina K. Leonova

A crew of almost 80 students and faculty members of the Academy headed by Marina K. Leonova, the Principal, visited the Academy’s Branches in Vladivostok, Kaliningrad and Kemerovo.
Irina M. Pyatkina gives a master class in classical dance

Natalia I. Revich gives a master class in classical dance
Svetlana A. Ivanova gives a master class in folk dance arranged for stage performances

Elena A. Bobrova gives a master class in classical dance
Sergey A. Orekhov gives a master class in classical dance

Marina K. Leonova met with the Governors of the Kemerovo and Kaliningrad Oblasts and the Primorski Krai, and discussed the directions of further development of culture and arts in their respective regions, as well as educational standards and programs pursued at the local dance education institutions, etc.

Students attend a classical dance lesson at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Branch

Leading teachers of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy conducted master classes in choreography and dance disciplines in each city for students of each BBA Branch, along with students of local children arts schools, culture and arts education institutions, as well as teachers and instructors of the local professional and supplementary dance education institutions.

DSC_1839 (1).JPG
DSC_2144 (1).JPG
M1GS0888 (1).jpg
BBA students take part in galas in Kemerovo, Vladivostok and Kaliningrad

The Intensive master classes preceded gala shows at the best theater stages of the three regions: the Kuzbass Musical Theater (Kemerovo, January 13 and 14), the Primorsky Branch of the Mariinsky Theater (Vladivostok, January 22), and the Yantar-Hall Variety Theater (Svetlogorsk, February 10). Each gala show consisted of two parts and included a variety of the classical heritage ballet numbers from the Classical Symphony, Nutcracker, Raymonda, Corsaire, Esmeralda, La Bayadere, Shekherezada, Les millions d’Arlequin, Don Quijote and the Hunchback Horse. Seniors enrolled in the intermediate and higher education programs at the Academy, along with students of the Kemerovo, Vladivostok and Kaliningrad Branches, took part in the shows.

Students and faculty members of the Academy at the Primorsky Branch of the Mariinsky Theater in Vladivostok

Young performers and their teachers have worked hard since mid-September, perfecting their skills at the Academy’s theater in Moscow. Costume Designers from the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow dedicated their time to create costumes for some numbers. In the shows, we demonstrated masterpieces of the classical ballet acknowledged throughout the world, performable only by students with impeccable skills, noted Marina K. Leonova.

Translation: Dmitry Linyaev

Photos by the Kuzbass Ministry of Culture and National Policy, Alisa Aslanova and Elizaveta Emelkina


Public Demonstration of Stage Performance Skills

On December 16, 2022, the Academy hosted a public demonstration of Stage Performance Skills by foreign students – first, second and third years.


Students from Japan, USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, UK and Italy had worked hard to put together a rich and meaningful show program. The program comprised 23 numbers from the classical heritage ballets, historical dances (one of which had been found in the Dubois Dance Book published in 1769!), as well as a modern dance number staged by a student.


 Anna Antonicheva, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, teaching classical dance at the Academy, supervised the demonstration.


Text and photos: Elizaveta Emel’kina

Translation: Dmitry Linyaev

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