“I do hope that students and teachers of professional dance institutions and arts schools enjoyed the collaboration with the wonderful members of the Academy faculty and masters of the Bolshoi Theatre”

Marina K. Leonova, Principal of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

In August 2022, the Academy hosted the Intensive Summer Course in Choreography Disciplines for students of professional dance training institutions and children’s arts schools across Russia one of the earliest events within the framework of festivities dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Academy’s foundation, which will be the highlight of 2023.

Over a hundred students from the Republic of Tuva, Yaroslavl, Kyzyl, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Perm, Zhukovsky and Moscow attended the Summer Intensive Course. According to Ms. Leonova, the Academy prioritizes the nurturing of young talents, and its teachers spare no effort in sharing their priceless experience with peers from other educational institutions.



Teacher: Trunina Ekaterina


Teacher: Bulgakova Tamila

Thorough the two week-long course, students attended classes in dance and choreography-related disciplines, while their teachers participated in educational seminars. Creative master classes by Nina Kaptsova (Honored Artist of Russia, Prima of the Bolshoi Theatre) and Denis Zakharov (Premier Dancer of the Bolshoi) were well received by the participants. Lectures in the History of Choreography Arts by Violetta Maynietse, the famous ballet researcher, teacher and critic, became one of the highlights of the Course. Guests of the Academy enjoyed a variety of tours and excursions.


Teacher: Ronikova Ekaterina


Teacher: Ryzhakov Ilya


Teacher: Ermakova Liudmila


On August 25, the Academy hosted a gala at its theater, where students trained by the Academy’s teachers demonstrated their talents. The gala became a bright pinnacle of the Summer Intensive Course. Students showed new skills and techniques they had mastered at the Academy.


The Children’s Dance School from the city of Kyzyl


The L. Sakhyanova and P. Abasheev Dance College from the Republic of Buryatia


Creative master classes by Nina Kaptsova


The students from the different educational institutions


Darina L. Olchey, Principal of the Children’s Dance School from the city of Kyzyl, shared her impressions: “I am ever so grateful to Ms. Leonova and all departments of the Academy for the professional organization of the Summer Intensive Course and for a chance to feel the chemistry of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy for students of dance schools. Both our students and we got a lot of new knowledge, and we go back home with a wealth of new knowledge, hoping to come back here over and over again”.


The L. Sakhyanova and P. Abasheev Dance College from the Republic of Buryatia


The students from the different educational institutions


The L. Sakhyanova and P. Abasheev Dance College from the Republic of Buryatia


The students from the different educational institutions


Anastasia A. Glebova, dance teacher from the L. Sobinov Arts School (Yaroslavl), also noted the intensity of teaching and training process: “We had a great chance to watch the techniques of interaction with the kids used by the BBA teachers. That should help us make certain corrections in our teaching techniques and further boost professional growth of students we train”.

The L. Sakhyanova and P. Abasheev Dance College from the Republic of Buryatia sent the most numerous delegation to Moscow – 52 students. “We told our students that a trip to the Academy is a lucky and unique chance that must be used. During the course, I got answers to all my questions in the teaching/training techniques. The teachers of the Academy were very open and friendly in sharing their expertise”, said Elena V. Hishiktueva, classical dance teacher from the College.

All the teachers who attended the Course are sure that the kids will show everything they have learned and mastered at the Academy during the next academic year at their institutions. They also praised Ms. Leonova and the BBA faculty for their attention, delicacy and friendliness toward students, as well as professional presentation of the complex material.


Lectures in the History of Choreography Arts by Violetta Maynietse


The L. Sobinov Arts School (Yaroslavl)


Participants of the Summer Intensive Course unanimously point out that teaching and training techniques applied at the Academy help promote and develop dance arts across Russia. They are especially valuable in the regions where professional dance training has just started. A chance to come to the Academy and not just watch but become a part of the Academy’s daily routine will definitely become a pivotal point in creative careers of many students who will strive to perform to their utmost adhering to the standards they learned at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.


“I do hope this project will have a continuation, since we see how much new and thrilling experience it brought us all”, said Ms. Leonova in conclusion.



Photos: Alexey Brazhnikov and Elizaveta Emelkina

Text: Elizaveta Emelkina

Translation: Dmitry Linyaev

14th International Ballet Competition

From June 3rd through 11th, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow hosted the 14th International Ballet Competition, and Makar Mikhalkin, 2nd year student of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy (teacher – Mikhail Sharkov) won the 1st Prize, Gold Medal and the title of Laureate in the “Junior Solos” nomination.

The quadrennial Ballet Competition in Moscow ranks among the most eminent ballet competition. Its history dates back to 1969. Triumphs at the competition, along with the Laureate titles give young gifted performers a chance to promote themselves literally worldwide. Previously, Andris Liepa, Vadim Pisarev, Vladimir Malakhov, Morihiro Iwata, Polina Semionova, Natalia Osipova and many others won the hearts of the judges and the audience at the Competition.

The Competition Committee received 343 participation applications from 33 countries. The multinational panel of judges included prominent ballet figures from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Turkey, Korea, Italy, DPR, China and Kazakhstan. Yuri Grigorovich was the head of the panel.

After the draw, Makar Mikhalkin was assigned number 27.

At the first audition, Makar presented variations of Albrecht from Giselle and Basilio from Don Quixote. In the second round he performed the variation of Lucien d'Hervilly from the Paquita and an ad-hoc contemporary number composed by Nikita Vysotsky for the Competition. In the 3rd round he danced the variation of a slave from a pas de deux from Le Corsaire and Prince Siegfried from the Swan Lake.

Two former graduates of the Academy received Special Diplomas in the Men – Duet nomination: Marcello Pelizzoni (Italy, class of 2018) and Alessandro Caggegi (UK, class of 2015).

Our congratulations and compliments to the Laureate and Prize winners! Great job! We wish you triumphs, bright performances and new accomplishments!

Graduation Gala 2022

On May 29 and 31, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy hosted traditional Graduation Gala shows at the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre. This year, the Gala shows were a part of the All-Russia Festival of Artistic University Graduates held under the aegis of the RF Culture Ministry.

The Academy put together a rich program for both gala shows – three parts comprising numbers from classical and neo-classical choreography ballets, as well as character dances. The audience got a chance to watch the Grand Pas Classique from the Paquita, the Rococo Variations (one-part ballet staged by Alexei Miroshnichenko), the Dream Scene from the Don Quixote, the Blue Bird and Princess Florina Pas-de-Deux from the Sleeping Beauty, the Forban Dance from the Corsaire, the Jeanne and Philippe Pas-de-Deux from the Flames of Paris and the Hungarian Dance from the Raymonda.


Foreign students and trainees took part in almost every number. Francesca Operto (Italy) and Petra Tettamanti (4th grade) played the parts of Cupids in the Dream Scene, whereas Hollyn Henderson (USA) played a tree nymph in the same number. Rachel Mortensen (Canada) was one of the lead dancers in the Forban Dance and, along with Daisy Wyatt, led the Hungarian Dance. Catalin Bucuresteanu, a graduate from Romania, took part in a pas-de-trois and danced in the Rococo variation.


Our compliments to all graduates and participants of the gala shows which became true festivals of dance and beauty – for performers, teachers and the audience!

Photos: Alisa Aslanova

Source: The Ballet Magazine (web edition)

On May 13, 2022,
Olga I. Popova, Senior Teacher, Classical Dance & Pas-De-Deux Department,
the Bolshoi Ballet Academy,
received the “Soul of the Dance” Prize in the “Teachers” nomination
from the Ballet Magazine

The Awards Ceremony and Gala took place at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre in Moscow on May 13.

The annual Prize marking great contributions to the development of dance arts was established in 1994.

Please join us in congratulating Olga and wishing her gifted students and new artistic triumphs!


The Bolshoi Ballet Academy students; Mark Chino (graduation class of 2017; currently dances with the Bolshoi Ballet).

Photos by Karina Zhitkova – courtesy of https://balletmagazine.ru/post/dusha-tanca

Presentation Of Certificates

Yesterday, in the Conference Hall of the Academy, six foreign students
(five of the II course and one of the I course) received the certificates of passing the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. This certificate allows foreign students to study further in the graduation course of the Academy and continue to get acquainted with Russian culture.

Kawanishi Rino (Japan), Carrara Nicole (Italy), Volkwine Caroline Grace (USA), Wyatt Daisy Rebecca (USA), Li, Yi-Rou (Taiwan) received a first level certificate of language proficiency, Barrett Sophia Ludmila (USA) – a second one.

All girls showed excellent results. Congratulations!

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