Master Classes in Dance and Choreography Disciplines for Students and Teachers from China

This year, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy resumed its international projects. From June 31, through August 4, 2023, the Academy hosted master-classes for two overseas groups.  The curriculum included lessons in classical dance, folk/character dance, stage routine and gymnastics conducted by Polina N. Kyrova and Violetta V. Tochilina.
7 students and 9 ballet teachers from a number of ballet institutions across China attended the master-classes. All participants received Completion Certificates.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy Graduation Ball – 2023

The video by Alisa Aslanova included the brightest moments of the issuance of Graduation Certificates and a Farewell Ceremony for the 2023 Graduation Class.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy Graduation Ball – 2023


June 26, 2023, was marked by the issuance of Graduation Certificates and a Farewell Ceremony for the 2023 Graduation Class. Since 2023 is marked by the 250th anniversary of the foundation of the Academy, a decision had been made to hold the farewell Ceremony in the format of a ball in one of Moscow’s architectural monuments – at the Catherine the Great Hall of the Tsaritsyno Grand Palace.


The Farewell Gala included a polonaise, a waltz, a sarabande, a polka-a-trois, a gavotte, a gallopade, along with other ballroom dances performed by the graduates. Foreign students (11 graduates and 2 interns from Italy, USA, UK, Japan, Taiwan and Kazakhstan) put together a “Thank You” dance number for the faculty of the Academy and guests of the ceremony.



We hope the Farewell Ceremony and Ball will remain in the hearts of the graduates as a commemoration of successful completion of a very important phase of their lives, and a start of a new exciting and thrilling stage full of hopes and confidence in future triumphs, happiness and thunderous applause by grateful audiences.


Best of luck, graduates!

We wish you bright and colorful creative journeys!


Text: Dmitry Linyaev

Photos: Elizaveta Emel’kina

Russian Ballet International & the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Online Teacher Training Seminar For Beginner Classes 2023


From June 7th through 11th, was hosted an Online Teacher Training Seminar For Beginner Classes, which aim was to reach a systematic, consequent, and methodically complete preparation for the career of ballet teacher by following the professional training Programs of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. This course was taught by Ekaterina Trunina, the teacher of the Academy.


The program of the seminar included:

·      Establishing the professional foundation for teaching method of Classical Ballet for beginner classes at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

·      Development of motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination and musicality.

·      Examination of the positions of the legs, arms and back for the beginner training.

·      Covering the development of the exercise at the barre, center and petit allegro in Vaganova technique for the 1st grade.

·      Live demonstration by the Academy Students.


These seminars were organized jointly by the partner of the Academy, Russian Ballet International.

A.S.E. Global Bridges and Bolshoi Ballet Academy

Virtual Pedagogy Master Class:

Introduction to Large Jumps

female and male dancers ages 14 & 15


On May 10, 2023, ballet pedagogues from across the United States and around the world came together to learn the Bolshoi Ballet Academy's methodology of teaching large jumps from esteemed academy teacher Ms. Natalya Revich.

This masterclass was brought to ballet professionals by ASE's “Building Bridges to a Shared Future through Dance,” an initiative to foster mutual understanding, respect, and shared values through ballet.


“I just finished watching the pedagogy session with Ms. Natalya Revich. What a wonderful gift you are giving to the ballet community by facilitating these workshops!”, – US Educator.

“This was so beautifully presented! Pedagogically and personally, I am elated. And I am moved to the heart, hearing the words, “We are one dance family”. – US Educator.

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