Upon our arrival at the Academy, report to the International Relations Department (ground floor, office 5) and submit the below documents required to formalize your enrollment:

  • Your contract (original copy) signed by your parents / legal guardians / other legitimate representatives;
  • Your passport (original copy) along with a duly notarized Russian translation of the page with your information and photo;
  • Your migration card;
  • Enrollment Form filled out by you in accordance with the prescribed format;
  • Your health status certificate and your physician’s confirmation of your fitness for studies at the Academy (Medical Form);
  • Your medical insurance policy;
  • Documents that confirm the level of previous ballet and general education and training and specifying manes of disciplines the student has taken with their respective numbers of hours and grades;
  • Your CV
  • 10 black-and-white opaque finish photos (3х4 cm)
  • A payment slip confirming the payment of the multi-entry student visa fees.

Attention! Please note that while there is no need to translate the medical insurance policy, your medical and educational documents, as well as your CV, must be translated into Russian and notarized.

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