An emergency actions in respect of students, members of the faculty and staff of the Academy during the time of spread of the COVID-19 virus.
What documents have to be submitted to the Academy prior to the commencement of education /traineeships?

Documents that confirm the level of previous ballet and general education and training and specifying manes of disciplines the student has taken with their respective numbers of hours and grades.

Applicants must also undergo health examinations and submit certificates of their health status signed by their physicians.

All original copies must have duly notarized Russian translations attached.

Every student must have a medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation over the entire period of his or her stay at the Academy.

Are personal bed linens, pillows and towels required?
The dormitory is fully equipped with all amenities required by the students over their stay – bed linens, towels, pillows and mattresses. Hence, you can only bring your personal hygiene items, cosmetics and personal articles.
What kind of point shoes is in use at the Academy?
— The Academy has no specific requirements to point shoes. Students can use the ones they are used to and comfortable with. The main thing is to assure best accomplishments possible!
What requirements are in place to outfits for classical / staged folk / historical and character dancelessons?
— Every teacher has his/her own requirements applying to every class he/she teaches, so we recommend that you buy your training attires in Moscow in specialized stores (e.g. Grishko, Sansha).
Is there a way to arrange a transfer to the Academy from the airport upon arrival?
— According to the Contract, the Academy renders no transportation services whatsoever. Transfer to the Academy upon arrival in Russia is students’ responsibility and subject to their own arrangements.
What is the best place to purchase tickets to shows / concerts students take part in?
— When such shows / concerts take place at the Academy Theater, sales of tickets start at the Academy building lobby one week ahead of the events.

When students participate in shows of Moscow theaters, tickets are sold via their respective box offices. In such cases, the Academy sells no tickets whatsoever.

Summer graduation concerts take Bolshoi Theater, and tickets are sold both at the Academy and at the Bolshoi box office.

What is the way to get an Invitation and apply for an entry visa?
In order to receive an Invitation, you have to submit (via e-mail) a copy of your passport along with a copy of the Questionnaire filled out in Russian. Submit the Invitation to the Russian embassy or Consulate General in your country of residence, in order to get a single entry visa to the Russian Federation.
Can the Academy assist with the Invitation / visa formalities for family members and other persons accompanying students?
The Academy assumes no responsibility whatsoever in respect of issuance of invitations for visa proceedings for the Student’s family members, his/her legitimate representatives of persons accompanying him/her.
What is the way to secure a multi-entry student visa to Russia?
Within three days upon your arrival in Russia, report to the International Relations Division of the Academy and submit your passport, the single entry visa and migration card to the staff, in order to complete the migration control formalities and get a multiple entry permit. The staff of the International relations Division will put together a package of documents required to apply for a multi-entry student visa.
How long does it take to complete the multiple entry visa formalities?
The multiple entry visa formalities take place at the Khamovniki District Police Department. They can take up to 21 days.
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