Students are admitted to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy through an audition process which takes place during the entire year.

International students should submit a video (no longer than 15-20 minutes) showing their class work.

The audition is a ballet class comprising bar, center work, basic adagio, allegro, point work and variation, if any.

Please, be sure to include the following exercises into your video.

Girls. For students 13-14 years old:                Boys. For students 13-14 years old:   

Bar:                                                                     Bar:

Demi-plies + Grands plies                                  Demi-plies + Grands plies

Battements tendus                                               Battements tendus

Battements fondus                                               Battements tendus + jete

Adagio                                                                 Battements fondus

Grands battements jetes                                       Adagio

                                                                             Grands battements

Center work:                                                      Center work:

Temps lie on 90 dg (without demi-point)            Battements tendus + jete

Battements tendus + pirouettes                            Battements fondu

                                                                             Grands battements

Allegro:                                                               Allegro:

Pas echappe + Changement de pied                    Temps saute (I, II, V positions)

Pas assemble                                                        Pas echappe battu

Pas jete                                                                 Pas assemble

Sissonne ouverte                                                  Pas jete

                                                                             Sissonne ferme

Point work:

Releve + Pas echappe

Sissonne simple + Pirouettes


Girls. For students 15 + years old:                   Boys. For students 15 + years old:

Bar:                                                                      Bar:

Grand plie                                                             Demi-plies + Grands plies

Battements tendus + jete                                       Battements tendus

Rond de jambe par terre + en l’air                        Battements tendus + jete

Battements fondu                                                  Rond de jambe par terre + grand rond

Adagio                                                                                                         de jambe jete

Battements fondu                                                  Adagio

Grands battements jetes                                        Grand battement

Center work:                                                       Center work:

Temps lie on 90 dg with tire-bouchon                  Battements tendus + battements

Battemets tendus + Pirouettes + jete                                                             tendus          

Battemets tendus + Grand fouetté en efface        Grand battement          

                                     + Tours in big poses        Battements fondu

Grands battements jetes                                        Pirouettes + grand pirouettes

Allegro:                                                                Allegro:

Pas echappe battu + Pas assemble battu               Temps saute (I, II, V positions)

Pas jete battu + pas brise                                       Pas echappe battu

Sissonne ouverte                                                   Pas assemble battu

Grand pas assemble + Grand pas jete                   Pas jete

                                                                              Sissonne farme

                                                                              Tours en l’air

                                                                              Jete entrelace

Point work:

Pas echappe en tournant

Sissonne simple + pirouettes

Adagio + Grand fouetté en effacee

Tour degage + tour pique (diagonals)

Along with the video, every applicant has to submit a Personal Data Form, an Audition Application and a copy of the passport (first page with a photo).